Tommy Brite - 30 gal.

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Tommy Brite, Low pH Body Soap - 30 Gallon<BR>To qualify for free shipping, drums of detergent need to be ordered in multiples of 5.&nbsp; You are welcome to mix and match various detergents to create a skid of 5.

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Tommy Brite is an outstanding low pH body soap detergent. This product should be used in all cloth functions for foaming and lubricity. Tommy Brite creates a lathery, deep cleaning foam to cut through dirt, bugs, and road grime. Just spray on and rinse off.

Concentrated product contains mild skin and eye irritants. Please follow included procedures in case of accidental exposure. Intended for commercial use only in automatic car washes.
  • Pro-Soak: Dilute 1:90-105
  • Soap Foamer: Dilute 1:120-240
  • Wrap / Mitter Lube: Dilute 1:240-500
  • High Pressure Spray: Dilute 1:240-500+
After application, rinse off thoroughly

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