Tire Shine Hinged Shield Retrofit Kit

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SKU: P-TB-278-A
This retrofit kit is used for the upgraded hinged style Tire Shine shield. This new design separates the mounting of the manifold and the shield. This separation allows for more precise adjustments on both features independently. This new design also adds a hinge mechanism to the shield for greater access to the manifold, nozzles, and check valves. With the hinged style shield, it can absorb the repetitive growing and shrinking that takes place and not place unnecessary stress on the shield. This results in longer life for the shield. This retrofit kit is recommended for any sites that want to improve the life of their Tire Shine application while also making it easier to adjust and maintain. 
Retrofit Kit Includes:
  • Hinged Tire Shine Shield Tray
  • Plexiglass Tire Shine Shield
  • Mounting Brackets
  • U-Bolts
  • Stauff Clamps
  • Easier Access to Spray Manifolds to Address Clogs, Broken Nozzles, etc.
  • Hinged Tray Design Allows for Rapid Expansion and Contraction of Plexiglass to Reduce Likelihood of Cracking/Warping
  • Reduces Maintenance Time for Shield Replacement/Cleaning
  • Increases Adjustability of Spray Manifold

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