Solaronics Heated Blower

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Gas-Fired Stainless Steel Heater With Enclosed Controls

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Dramatically improve your wash’s drying performance and leave customers more satisfied than ever with Solaronics Dual Heated Blowers from Tommy Car Wash Systems.

It doesn’t matter how clean the cars exiting your wash are if you can’t dry them just as well. These industrial heated blowers, originally designed to heat warehouses, work in pairs to safely provide heat surge temperatures directed downwards across customer vehicles.

The process is triggered via a trip switch that starts the fan and burner automatically as part of the drying process. The blower is gas powered (natural gas, propane, etc…) with adjustable temperature and blower settings. When activated a “jet” of heated air is directed toward top of the vehicle, blowing away and evaporating water droplets from the top and sides of the vehicle for superior drying performance even at high conveyor speeds.

Item includes single blower. Dual blower arrangement recommended.
  • Remote control with On-Off switch and control circuit fuse
  • 11/2 or 2 HP TEFC ball bearing 3-phase motor
  • Magnetic motor starter
  • Air flow switch
  • Control transformer
  • Door limit switch
  • High temperature limit switch
  • Remote summer-winter switch
  • Electronic ultraviolet sensor
  • Gas pressure regulator
  • Modulating gas valve/temperature control
  • “Hot” spark ignition
  • Optional F.M. or I.R.I. controls
Model No.Motor HPBTUH InputCFMRan RPMOutlet VelocityTemp RiseGas Pressure at Burner
E-B-HB-550-1.5-4801.555000070001750350070 °2.5" W.C.
E-B-HB-650-1.5-4801.565000070001750350080 °3.0" W.C.
E-B-HB-750-1.5-4801.575000070001750350090 °3.75" W.C.
E-B-HB-850-2-4802850000780017503900100 °5.0" W.C.
E-B-HB-950-2-4802950000780017503900110 °6.0" W.C.
  • Watertight enclosure: All gas and electrical controls prewired and sealed
  • Fully assembled and factory tested to ensure safe and dependable long life operation
  • 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel casing with two reinforcing angle rings
  • Stainless steel burner baffle
  • Heavy duty axial flow fan
  • Vertical or angle mounting
  • Economical Natural Gas operation
  • 550,000 to 950,000 BTUH input ratings to fit most buildings
  • Instant heat: No warm-up period required
  • Special “Jet” type burner
  • Corrosion resistant manifold
  • Hanging holes
  • Benefits drying cloth performance

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