Slipstream Liquid Film Former Protective Sealant - 30 Gallon

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SKU: C-T-SS-30
This Slipstream Liquid Film Former provides wash sites with the ability to offer a paintwork protector product in their wash packages. This protectant product is applied to paintwork and forms a film on top of the vehicle surface as it cures. This layer helps repel dirt and contaminants from the atmosphere from damaging and degrading the paint on the vehicle surface. Included in the film former is carnauba wax to provide an additional layer of shine for up to 30 days. The Slipstream Liquid Film Former comes in a 30 gallon drum.
  • Provides Protective Layer for Paintwork
  • Forms a Film While it Cures
  • Repels Dirt and Contaminants
  • Includes Carnauba Wax for Additional Layer of Shine
  • Up to 30 Day Protection

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