Tire Shine Applicator

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SKU: E-F1007-LM
Add extra value to your wash with the Tommy Car Wash Systems' Tire Shine Applicator System! This tried and tested tire shine unit features high-efficiency bristle-style applicator tips that buff tires and actively apply the perfect level of tire gloss for upsold car wash customers, improving car wash value and ROI. Drivers love the dark black 'wet look' and washes report greatly increased upsell and membership rates as a result!

This leg mount only package attaches to blower arches at the exit of the tunnel. Brushes spin constantly while equipment is running.
  • Select Conveyor Style (dual belt or chain and roller) and Brush Drive Type (Electric Drive / Hydraulic Drive).
  • 60-80 RPM
  • Leg Mount for Attachment to Tommy Arch Base
  • Bristle-Style
Package Includes:
  • Tire Shiner
  • Bristle Brush Applicators - Extended Length
  • Retraction System (Less Air Control Panel)
  • Long Arms and Push Bar (Dual Belt)
  • Hydraflex-fed shielded spray nozzles for consistent application
  • Rotating applicator brush and spray manifold
  • Reduces over-spray and minimizes product application to vehicle paintwork
  • Fine adjustment of dilution ratio and product application levels
  • Maintenance: Grease bearings (total of 20) weekly
  • Brush Pressure on Tire: Adjust spring pins closer or further apart (w/ retract system adjust regular pressure)
  • Height Adjustment: To adjust the height, loosen the bolts on bearings at base mount and adjust left or right for up and down movement of brush. When desired height is found, tighten all bolts.
  • Driver Side Brush: When brush is fully collapsed the hydraulic motor should be even with the outside conveyor guide rail to contain the car in the conveyor.
  • Passenger Side brush: When brush is fully collapsed the hydraulic motor should be no less than 72” from the inside conveyor guide rail to allow for vans.
Tire Shine Hydraflex Upgrade Installation Guide

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