Guardian Wash Control System

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Guardian Wash Control System - Requires Configuration
Your car wash needs a controller that operates precisely and reliably, without missed washes, or technical headaches. You need a controller that puts you in control and keeps you informed, reducing labor and technical headaches for the long haul.

The Guardian Wash Control System is a proven, professionally designed controller suitable for all standard conveyor equipment packages. These include traditional over/under roller type conveyors, surface conveyors, and belt type conveyors with a full suite of car wash applicators and brushes. The controller provides each individual customer with the proper wash (determined by the Point of Sale) while regulating and normalizing speed, product application, and other functions. Our modernized controller also stands out in its ability to notify the operator of any control problems within the car wash through visual banners, text messages, or email.

Using a steady pulse created in relation to conveyor speed the controller operates different wash elements as the customer vehicle moves along within the car wash tunnel. The controller will evaluate vehicle length and operate solenoid valves, chemical application pumps, lights, electric motor starters, and other car wash equipment via internal relays. Electric motors can be controlled and monitored with variable speed drives (VSD) communicating directly via Ethernet networks. In addition to controlling output applications, signals and systems critical to proper operation are continually monitored. All these signals can be viewed on-site or online via an internet connection for maximum convenience and connectivity.

The Guardian Wash Control System delivers total command and control of the car wash tunnel. Configure yours today.
  • Modular, "plug and play" construction saves thousands of dollars in installation time and wiring costs.
  • Remote modules, motor control centers, variable speed drives, premises lighting panels, and additional touchscreens can all be connected together via ethernet networks.
  • Full output control for each function covering the entire vehicle, as well as front, rear, middle, and tire application.
  • Configurable starting sequencers, "look-back" set points, and flash rates.
  • Function outputs can react within the wash stop or anti-collision loops, or outside either loop for special safety reasons.
  • With 36 different wash packages, each with 29 variables, any combination of wash services can be programmed for wash customers purchasing services.
  • Suitable for manual or automatic vehicle loading, with outputs available for a full range of signaling devices to guide the car wash customer into and away from the car wash system.
  • Equipment safety sensor inputs accept signals from tank level switches and other devices to protect motors and pumps.
  • Direct network connection to variable speed drives for full operation and monitoring online locally and remotely via the web gate.
  • Complete conveyor control, including a warning horn function with interlockable function control and a Main Control Relay output function for safety.
  • Control sequences available for dual conveyor systems, with Loading and Production belt. On line speed adjustments with Loading Belt speed offsets.
  • Remote modules provide an easy to install, easy to configure solution for expansion.

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