Car Dealer / Rental Car wash drive thru

Description: TE40 Drive Thru wash for Car Dealers and Rental car facilities.
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Part Number: TE40

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The TE40 Tommy Car Dealer / Rental Car Wash is the perfect car wash solution for car dealerships and car rental facilities. Drive through car wash is small enough to be built inside dealership garages or parking lots. The drive through car wash’s multi washer module and two step chemical process clean cars efficiently, so dealership cars and rental cars can be returned to the lot quickly. Car dealers and rental facilities may add a Rain X step to the drive through for extra shine; efficient car wash design houses water pumping station and controls in a POD attached to the actual unit.

Drive through car wash is fully customizable; the system may be compressed to 35 feet or elongated to 50 feet. Click on “features” to learn more about this car wash system, or configure your own dealership drive through today.
System can be compressed into 35 feet long or streched up to 50' long. Requires 408v or 280v with a 1" water line and at least 100 amps. available power.
-Drive-thru guide rails direct the car rather than a conveyor. -Presoak application arch -Wrap mitter rocker brush combo unit -hanging rinse applications -Direct mount blower arch.
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