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Tommy Equipment Package

Description: Configure a complete Tommy Car Wash equipment package to meet your needs!
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The Tommy Car Wash Equipment Package allows you to configure a complete car wash system customized to meet your requirements. Equipment packages are easy to configure and contain everything you need to create a complete Tommy car wash system within your facility.

All wash packages contain the same essential standard car wash components with many options for customization, allowing you to add as much or little “flare” to your car wash as you would like. Added accessories or upgrades such as Rain X applicator arches, GO lights, exterior signs, and detailing equipment have the most influence over variability in final price quotes.

Conveyors / Transporters

The Tommy Transporter Dual Belt 30” wide Conveyor offers low-stress loading, reduced risk of customer damage, and a lower risk of breakdown. A high-density plastic belt, steel frame, and stainless glide plate offer fantastic moisture resistance even after tens to hundreds of thousands of washes. Also available are Single Side Belt Conveyors and 42” wide Dual Belt Conveyors for hand washing or detailing services. Different flight heights and colors are available.

For older-style washes and repairs we do offer the standard steel conveyor, an over under system with 3’ 6” roller spacing. A 60’ conveyor base may be customized with 10’ additional sections. All conveyor modules come with correlators which align car tires to the conveyor track.

All conveyors require a hydraulic power pack which drives the car wash conveyor belt. Hydraulics are the preferred power drive for car wash conveyors due to the electrical safety issues which arise when dealing with pit water. Pit grating is constructed from a fiberglass material chosen for its easy maintenance, excellent drainage, and strength.

Entrance Modules

The Tommy Entrance Module uses high-definition plasma screens to instruct customers, allowing them to load their own cars onto the conveyors without employee assistance. Our module also includes a visual barrier for the customer, an element which is key to the self-loading process, as well as a mirror and signage. Also consider utilizing Tommy Ball accents on either side as visible guides for entering customers.

Presoak Module

Our presoak module enables washes to clean hard-to-reach places far better than other car wash designs. Tommy’s patented presoak arch applies chemicals to front bumpers, windshields, back windows, back bumpers, wheels and tires, each at different chemical dilution ratios. This product is one of the most important cleaning modules in our car wash equipment package and with it, bugs and backbends can be cleaned thoroughly without wasting chemicals on other, less difficult surfaces.

All-In-One Combo

This powerful and self-contained module is the primary cleaning tool for the friction aspect of the car wash. The patented combo includes wrap brushes, circulating mitters, rocker brushes, and reverse hugger brushes to clean vehicle fronts, backs, tops, and sides. A typical system will use two of these integrated units staggered along the tunnel to create the ultimate cleaning system.

Triple Coat Arch

This add-on foaming arch dispenses three different colors of shine product that mix and form a fun and colorful experience. The triple coat arch and LED sign panels make your car wash equipment stand out even more and can “wow” the customer—especially those with memberships.

Side Washer Module

The final friction section of the car wash, this module includes a contour brush with mitter combo unit. The contour brush is a split brush which allows you to adjust angle and pressure separately on the top and bottom half, contouring to the shape of common cars and SUVs. This module can be visualized as a parenthesis-shaped brush “hugging” the car.

Following Wheel Blaster

A low-profile unit which blasts wheels and tires with high pressure water and cleaning solution, stripping grime and dirt from hard to reach wheel areas.

Final Application Module

This module begins with an all-in-one high pressure arch that runs on two 30 GPM pump stations, blasting and rinsing the car with a top oscillator, side blast and four stage fixed rocker blaster. Each arch in this system (and the tunnel as a whole) can be fitted with high definition signs and LED lighting. The high pressure arch is followed by…

Rain X

The Rain X applicator arch adds $3 of revenue to each wash and is highly recommended. Drying agents with protective features are then applied to begin the chemical drying process which is completed with a final rinse (or reverse osmosis water filtration, if required).

Tire Dressing Applicator

A touchless unit, this is the best and easiest upsell item and makes an extremely noticeable difference, darkening and shining tires and dramatically increasing customer satisfaction. The service costs you 65 cents per car and sells for a recommended $3.The Tire Blaze Applicator itself uses soft cloth or bristle applicators to gently apply gloss and is mounted up and away from the floor of the car wash for easy maintenance.

Blower Module

Our unique and patented arch mount blower system gives you the freedom and flexibility to place your producers in whatever formation is ideal for your wash, which allow you to locate your producers in an ideal formation around the car. The blower system pushes air back like a blade, stripping water away with maximum efficiency and providing excellent drying to important areas, such as windows, hood and mirrors.

Drying Reverse Hugger Set

For the best possible drying we’ve developed a set of drying reverse hugger brushes designed specifically to remove water from side windows and mirrors, improving the customer’s immediate impression of the wash and dramatically reducing water spotting or dripping on some of the most visible areas of the car. Simply attach the huggers to the tire gloss arches or the last blower arch.

Support Equipment

These are products which, for the most part, are required to run the car wash modules listed above: The bay cleaning station is a high pressure pump with a gun that may be used for prepping and cleaning car wash equipment. The 5 bank hydraulics power wash equipment and brushes. The double stack pump station powers the high pressure arch. The single horsepower pump powers the following wheel blaster; Rain X pumping station and the following pump panels dispense soap products to the car wash equipment and arches within the tunnel. All support equipment is constructed from durable stainless steel on stainless steel mounts.

Air Compressor

Supplies air to the cylinders and foamers. Our system uses two air compressors to generate the necessary pressure and flow rates and may be used as a backup in emergencies. Water softener is required in some areas, depending on quality of available water. We recommend testing your water for hardness and total dissolved solids (TDS) levels to determine whether or not you will need supplemental water filtration equipment.

Water Heater

Typically around 1.226 million BTU, this boiler has a circulating pump and storage tank. This is a necessary piece of equipment for car washes located in any geographical area, as hot water cleans far more efficiently than cold. The ladder rack is a chase system for the stainless tubing which plumbs hydraulics and chemicals and usually runs from the presoak through the last rinse arch.

Wash Controller

Required in order to turn components on and off at the proper timing. The premium controller is an upgraded option which offers the ability to wirelessly dial in to the wash controller from any location online. This controller is also monitored from Tommy’s headquarters, allowing us to report any critical information to you. Using the premium controller, we’re able to feed you data which would normally require more man hours. We can also calculate live cost per car figures, system faults and potential problems, automatic chemical reordering, marketing recommendations based on current sales and pricing, live chemical levels and much, much more. This system is only available on the drum pump over program.

Electric Control Kit

Controls the entrance eyes for the car wash, start and stop buttons, and warning horn. The anti-collision module is placed in concrete at the end of the wash and serves as an emergency shut down feature in the event that a customer has a problem getting their car back in gear or their vehicle is unable to move.

Point of Sale

Dual ICS auto sentries in addition to a manned cashiered station forms the ideal point of sale system. Our auto tellers collect money from the customer, accepts credit cards, stages the customers using gates, and programs the selected wash into the premium controller. Membership sales, instruction modules, and TV screens can also be integrated into your point of sale system.
Based on configuration. Most standard packages include: 

-Self Loading entry system that does not require an employee 
-Voice Commander to assist with loading 
-Triple Presoak application arch, applies chemical to bumpers and windows in different ratios. 
-Underbody blast
-Cloth modules including circulating mitter curtains for maximum friction cleaning and wrap around brushes for best backend cleaning. 
-Triple Coat Arch with signage and light upgrades
-High Pressure wheel blaster
-High Pressure Rinse 
-Rain X Tire Gloss Applicator 
-Blower System
-Bay wash down gun 
-Hydraulics and pump stations to run equipment 
-Stainless steel pump control panels 
-All inclusive system controller 
-Self serve or free vacuums 
-Controller programming and initial adjustment 
-Onsite Factory assisted startup
Our patented round arch mounting system! Tommy arches are recognized look by motorists all over the world who appreciate our dual belt conveyor system and thorough 3 module cleaning process. Our express equipment is fully automatic and requires no manual labor to wash or prep vehicles.
Installation of your equipment package must be performed by the Tommy installation team or another authorized and approved installer. Self installation is not recommended, as improper installation will void the warranty on some items.
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