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Inbay Conversion™ System

Inbay Conversion
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Convert Your Rollover or Self-Serve Car Wash into a Compact Conveyorized Wash.

Product Description

  • Description

    Tommy Car Wash Systems' Inbay Car Wash Conversion System™ renovates your rollover or in bay car wash into a high-end automatic tunnel car wash. Past conversions have resulted in wash counts greater than 40 cars / hour and fantastically clean and dry cars even in small spaces. A dual belt conveyor allows for easy self-loading with minimal oversight required, perfect for gas station or car wash environments.

    Special building permits are often unnecessary. Flooring is removed, conveyor belts are laid from footing to footing, and concrete work may be performed as a simple rehabilitation, not a major construction project. The structure, back room, doors, water, and electrical systems are maintained through the conversion.

    The renovated automatic tunnel car wash is equipped with a plasma TV loading system which guides customers onto the conveyor. No guide rails or correlator systems are necessary. An All-In-One Extreme Clean Combo Unit with reverse rotation side brushes, 6 row circular mitter curtain, rocker brushes, and z-wrap brushes cleans quicker and more effectively than traditional inbay car wash systems.

    Tommy Car Wash Systems In Bay / Tunnel Car Wash Conversion System is easy to configure for your unique building. Click “Configure this Item” to customize, or watch our comprehensive video tour.
  • Specifications

    The system can work in a space as small as 35' long. The longer of course the better for dwell space and drip time. The backroom must house a few pump stations and a small hydraulic unit.
  • Features

    Features the Tommy transporter dual belt conveyor system. A presoak arch, wrap mitter combo or wrap top brush combo, hanging rinse manifolds, and a single direct mount blower arch.
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